Dean in the Press

Consumer Reports

Over the Countertop

Consumer Reports reviews the Dean Loucks Custom Made KitchenAid Stand Mixers.

Home Chunk

KitchenAid Teams Up with Dean Loucks covers Dean's recent custom mixer deal with KitchenAid (12/2012)

Speed on the Water

Fox 28's (Michiana) Article on KitchenAid

Tracy Capellman covers an on-site interview with Dean about the Mixer designs (12/2012)

Speed on the Water

Fox 8's (New Orleans) Article on KitchenAid

Dean is featured in an aritcle for his KitchenAid Stand Mixer designs (12/2012)

Speed on the Water

The Boating Community Sees Dean's Work does an article on Dean's latest works, the KitchenAid Stand Mixers (12/2012)

Fox 28

Fox 28 Covers Dean's 2 Announcements

Dean announces his copper art and plans for a project for Plymouth Schools (11/2012)


Art in Motion

InCity does a 3 page spread on Dean's work and features his work on the cover (11/2012)

Fox 28

Sassy Art Magazine shares Dean's Passions

Local artist gives back by donating artwork to charities(11/2012)

Fox 28

Fox 28 Interviews Dean about his work


Art Business

Granger Artist Wins at National Competition

Dean takes multiple wins at the American Art Awards. (10/2012)

Art Business

Work of the Week: The Art of Motoring Circa 1911

Dean's Work, The Art of Motoring Circa 1911, is highlighted on Art Business News' Work of the Week. (8/2012)

travel channel

Local Artist to Appear on The Travel Channel

Off The Water's write up of Dean's coming appearance on The Travel Channel. (8/2012)

travel channel

Dean Loucks in the South Bend Tribune

Local newspaper covers Loucks, some of his background, and a little bit about Dean's Place. (8/2012)

travel channel

Dean Loucks on the Travel Channel

Dean Loucks' art on Prevost motorcoaches has landed him on a segment on the Travel Channel. (7/2012)

Dean's Awards

American Art Awards

  • 2012
      - 1st Place (Tie) in Futurism:
           Old Money
      - 3rd Place in Impressionism- Animal:
           Free As
      - 5th Place in Impressionism- Still Life:
           First Pour
      - 3rd Place in Realism- Still Life:
           Still Runs

  • 2011
      - 5th Place in Realism- Animal:

  • 2010
      - 2nd Place in Expressionism- Human Figure & 3rd in Humorous:
           Big Winner

  • 2009
      - 1st Place in Futurism:
      - 2nd Place in Floral- Not Realistic:
           Ant View

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